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Listen to Dr. Michael Pollack of MidJersey Orthopedics discuss the benefits of using the VeloChair

The Velochair is a new life changing mobility device that is innovating the way people with mobility challenges safely navigate their day to day by placing emphasis on their abilities, not their disabilities. The Velochair has already opened doors of opportunity and freedom to hundreds of its users. Often referred to as a pedal chair, pedal powered chair, pedal wheelchair or quadricycle, the Velochair is powered simply by applying minimal pressure to pedals that extend from beneath the seat of the chair, allowing the user to propel themselves forward or backward in the natural movement of cycling. What is unique about Velochair is that only one leg is necessary for pedaling.

Our market research indicates that of the 3.3 million wheelchair users in the United States, almost 90% or 2.9 million people have enough function in at least one leg and one arm to use the Velochair. Traditional wheelchairs and electric scooters often make it hard to maintain or build muscular strength, and cardiovascular improvement. The Velochair allows its users to regain this strength, helping to promote healthy cardiovascular circulation all while remaining safely seated. The possibilities of where the Velochair could take you are endless.


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